Conservatory Alumni

Although the Conservatory Pipe Band has not been around all that long, the band has had many former students go on to distinguish themselves as musicians in other places. Here are some of the stories.

Early days for successful, fun years in the CPA Pipe Band!Stacy Durning
Stacy was pipe major of the Conservatory Pipe Band for a number of years, and her steady presence was a tremendous influence on developing the band in the early years. Stacy has been a member of the City of Regina Pipe Band since 2007, where she played a significant role in rebuilding that band.


Bryde Whelan
Bryde was in the band when it became the CPA Pipe Band, and over the years developed her drumming at band and summer camps, and was eventually the lead drummer of the Conservatory Pipe Band, during which time the drum corps in particular was very strong. Bryde played with the City of Regina Pipe Band for two seasons, and for a number of years she has been a member of the New Westminster Police Pipe Band of BC. The New West band placed 6th and 7th at the World Pipe Band Championships in 2009 and 2010, and in 2011 the band won the North American Pipe Band Championships in the Grade 2 category. Bryde has also served as a Conservatory drumming instructor since she graduated, and currently plays in the City of Regina Pipe Band.



Morgan Brady
Morgan also was among the first to play in the CPA drum corps, and she also graduated to the City of Regina Pipe Band, and later joined the New West Pipe Band in BC, where she had several successful seasons. Morgan lived in Saskatoon, where she was the drumming instructor for the 96th Highlanders Pipe Band, another excellent junior band, and 2012 Saskatchewan Champions. In summer 2012, Morgan moved back to Regina, and has been a Conservatory instructor and member of the City of Regina Pipe Band.



Andy Fisher
Andy learned his piping from his Grandfather Duncan Fisher, and then the Conservatory Pipe Band. Andy was pipe major of the band for a bit, and he has gone on to use his piping playing in folk/rock bands, and more recently in his professional acting career, as a member of the Globe Theatre cast for The Black Bonspeil of Wullie MacCrimmon.



Andrew Callum
Another member of the drum corps with Morgan and Bryde, Andrew left the band and Regina after high school to attend college in Winnipeg. During his time there, he played with the Winnipeg Celtic Pipe Band in Grade 3, and eventually took over as lead drummer there for a couple of seasons.



Mitch Stilborn
Mitch played bass drum for the Conservatory Pipe Band until he was brought into the Grade 2 City of Regina Pipe Band. In the CRPB, Mitch was an excellent player for three seasons, winning "Best Bass" awards and supporting the CRPB's efforts through two trips to Scotland to compete and perform. Mitch had a "comeback season" in 2012, when he once again played bass for the CRPB.



Michael Tholl
Michael learned his piping at the band, and developed his abilities as a junior band member. Although he left piping and the band much earlier than we wanted, he rekindled his bagpiping as a cadet officer in the Canadian Forces, and in 2011  served as pipe-major of the cadet band!



Ruaridh MacDonald
Ruaridh was in the band from the early days, and he continues now as the mid-section instructor for the band. During his time in the CPA, Ruaridh became well-known throughout North America and the pipe band world for his performances at contests such as the Kansas City Gold Medal, the Innovation "Drumming for Drinks" contests in Ontario and Scotland, and his dominance of solo tenor drumming events in the prairie region. Ruaridh was recruited by Scotland's Grade 1 Inveraray and District Pipe Band for the 2012, '13 and '14 seasons, and he also teaches tenor drumming outside Regina to students via his web site.



Tom Kary
Snare drummer Tom came to the Conservatory in about 2004, and he was lead drummer for a couple of seasons, until he moved up to the City of Regina Pipe Band. Tom was an important member for the band, assisting in rebuilding the drum corps following 2007. Tom has since joined the Saskatoon Police Pipe Band, while he is studying at the UofS.



Eilidh MacDonald
Eilidh played with the band for many years, and was pipe-major of the band for a couple of years during which the group was very successful. For the past few years Eilidh has been playing with the City of Regina Pipe Band. In 2011, Eilidh won the coveted "Cabar Feidh Cup" for piobaireachd at the BC Pipers Annual Gathering in Vancouver, as well as other prizes in the light music. Following this, Eilidh won events at Brandon, Moose Jaw, Regina and Winnipeg games, and in July 2011 won the Grade 1 Piobaireachd and Marches at the North American Championships in Maxville, ON. Eilidh was invited to compete in the 2011 Nicol-Brown Chalice [Albany, NY] and the George Sherriff Memorial [Toronto, ON] where she was among 10 top amateur players invited from all across North America. In 2012, Eilidh competed with the Grade 1, 78th Highlanders (Halifax Citadel) Pipe Band in Ontario, the maritimes, and in Scotland.



Eva Rennie
Eva learned piping with the Conservatory Pipe Band, and has developed as a band piper and soloist. Eva was  pipe-major of the band for three years, and at the same timeplayed as a member of the City of Regina Pipe Band. In 2010, Eva was a guest player with the Paris-Port Dover Pipe Band of Ontario [Grade 3] and in 2011 Eva won a number of prizes in Grade 1 amateur competition, including prizes at the North American Championships in Maxville, ON.



Emily Jones
Emily learned piping at the Conservatory, starting t the same time as Eva. Emily was a valuable member of th CPA band for many years, competing in solos and with the band, and keeping us all entertained with her wicked sense of humour. Since moving to Ottawa, Emily has become a member of the Sons of Scotland Pipe Band.


Robyn Kary
Robyn learned drumming at the CPA, and progressed through the corps to become lead drummer, and eventually moved on to play with the City of Regina Pipe Band





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