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Piping Today articleThe CPA instructors are the most successful and experienced instructor team in Saskatchewan, and this shows in years of success working with bands and developing players. At the same time, all these people have continued to perform, compete, and develop skills and programs. At right is an article on the Conservatory Pipe Band that appeared in Piping Today, the magazine published by the National Piping Centre in Glasgow, Scotland. You can download/read the entire article here.


Band Director Iain MacDonald has been working with pipers and bands in Saskatchewan for over 30 years, and has also been a member of Scottish and Canadian grade 1 bands. Many of his pupils have gone on to be successful with top-level pipe bands. Iain also organizes the Sound Advice summer school in Regina, which has had a positive impact on so many players.

In 2007, Iain was profiled in Celtic Heritage Magazine. You can read that here. He holds the Graduate Certificate of the Institute of Piping [now The Scottish Qualifications Board], and also the Senior Teachers Certificate. Iain is an Examiner for the SQA piping exams, and also holds a B.A. and a B.Ed. from the University of Regina.

Iain runs a communications business and a bagpipe business, and teaches private and group lessons at the Conservatory.

Barbara MacDonald has been teaching beginner pipers at the Conservatory since 2003, and her ability to inspire and entertain children has been key to the band's success. Barbara is also the pipe sergeant of the City of Regina Pipe Band, where she plays a key role in the band's ongoing success. Barbara learned piping in Regina, and played in bands British Columbia and Saskatoon.

Outside band, Barbara is a Registered Nurse, has a Bachelor of Nursing (UBC) and is currently working on a Master's Degree. She is a senior manager with Health Canada, and in the past has worked in  a variety of health care roles, from regular nursing to managing a diabetes unit, to sales and education and even creating a marketing a new magazine for children with diabetes.

Willie Currams came to Saskatchewan from Ireland in 2012, where he was the Chairman and Leading Drummer of the St. Colmcille Pipe Band, the 2013 World Champions in Grade 4a! Willie missed the Worlds with his old band but he was here playing with the City of Regina Pipe Band at their many contests and the the Sir Paul McCartney concert! Willie  brings a great "international flavour" to the Conservatory team., and as the L-D of the Grade 2 City of Regina Pipe Band plays a key role in developing drumming in the Regina area.

Brett Stinson has been working with the Conservatory Pipe Band for many years, and has contributed greatly to the developing of young drummers in Regina. Brett learned drumming in cadets, and was a player in several local bands, including L-D for The City of Regina Pipe Band. He has been a student of drumming for years, and plays a variety of styles, and can also be seenplaying pipes with one of the local pipe bands!

David Clark has beena Conservatory student for a number of years, and is a member of the City of Regina Pipe Band. He has taken lessons from many great players, and attended summer camps and solo lessons for tenor drumming. David is consistent winner of solo prizes, and he will be assisted by senior drummers from the City of Regina Pipe Band.

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