Below are sound recordings for pipers and snare drummers. More to come!


 Tune Name  Piping  Snare  Tenor/Bass
 Scotland the Brave  speaker  speaker  
 Murdo's Wedding  speaker  speaker  
 Highland Laddie  speaker  speaker  
 Brown-Haired Maiden  speaker  speaker  
 A Man's a Man  speaker    
 My Home  speaker  speaker  
 Bonnie Dundee  speaker  speaker  
The Steamboat  speaker  speaker  
Green Hills & When the Battle's Over  speaker  speaker  
Amazing Grace  speaker    
The March Medley: Men of Argyle,The Seige of Delhi, Teribus, Corriechoillie's 43rd Welcome to the Northern Meeting  speaker  speaker  
The Medley      
Rathven Market  speaker  speaker  
Because He Was a Bonnie Lad  speaker  speaker  
The High Road to Linton  speaker  speaker  
Jock Wilson's Ball  speaker  speaker  
Stornoway  speaker  speaker  
The Little House Under the Hill & The Piper's Wedding  speaker  speaker  
The 25th KOSB's Farewell to Meerut  speaker    
Captain Colin Campbell  speaker    
Angus MacLellan  speaker    

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