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cpa badgeUR Logo Primary Full Colour RGBThe band is a program of the Conservatory of Performing Arts at the University of Regina Centre for Continuing Education.

Our first practice space at the university was in Darke Hall on the College Avenue Campus, and all bagpipe and drum lessons were taught there. The pipe band now practices at The College Building in the newly renovated College Avenue Campus.

 As well as the pipe band program, the Conservatory offers private tuition for all ages, and occasional adult group lessons. As well, students are able to obtain "Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board" certification through the Conservatory.


Of course the band started as the Grade 4 arm of the City of Regina Pipe Band, and we are still affilated with and financially supported by the CRPB. We wear the same tartan, and our instructional staff includes members of the CRPB.


Interested in supporting a great community organization?
If you or your company would like to assist with either the band program, or some of the events that we organize, please contact us, and we'll give some more information and options.

One of the best ways to support the band is to hire us to perform at your event! Whether you need a piper for a head table, or small groups of musicians and dancers, we can supply a great community cultural experience for your guests.

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Dr. Dean Zimmer, Northgate Dental

Dr. Zimmer helped the band out by sponsoring our new band tent, which the Conservatory and City of Regina bands  use at outdoor games and festivals across Western Canada.



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Reelpipes.com is the official supplier to the band, providing first-rate equipment and supplies.