Adult Students

Each year since 2003, the Conservatory has been teaching adult beginners how to play the bagpipes! Many people have started lessons in our "Beginner Bagpipe for Adults" classes, and have progressed to playing in local community pipe bands. We have ongoing opportunities for group and private lesson students who want to study the music of the bagpipe.

Browse the selection of classes below, and be sure to send us a note if you have questions, or would like to ask more. Generally speaking, we start adult students in 10-week group classes.

Session 1 teaches you the basics of fingering the practice chanter, including the scale, some basic gracenotes and exercises, and some simple tunes. Practice chanters and tutor books are purchased through the instructor after you register for lessons.

Session 2 builds on those early exercises and gracenotes to start building the finger technique you will need to learn more challenging tunes. By the end of Session 2, most students are ready to purchase and begin learning to play the full-size bagpipe. Part of the preparation in this class is helping students understand what is involved in the selection and purchase of bagpipes.

Session 3 continues to build technical and music skills on the practice chanter, while at the same time teaching the mechanics of playing those tunes on the bagpipes. By the end of three sessions, most students are making good progress at playing the pipes. Individual/private lessons are also available to help students at any time.

Adult Bagpipe Studies For adults who can play a number of tunes on the bagpipes and who want to expand their repertoire and learning, this class includes the study of a simple piobaireachd, canntaireachd [Gaelic vocables] and further work on bagpipe sound and playing technique. Want to register? Call the Conservatory at 306-585-5748 (Student Services Office) or visit the website.